Who are we?

Via Verde is Palo Alto High School’s first travel magazine, created for students as a space to discuss student experiences with local and international travel. We strive to encourage students to expand their worldview and discover different global cultures.

Our goals

We aim to be a relevant and reliable travel magazine that uses the power of the student press and desktop publishing to pursue the values of the Palo Alto Unified School District, Palo Alto High School and scholastic journalism. More specifically, our mission is to provide the magazine’s student staff with journalistic and leadership opportunities that increase their ability and desire to participate meaningfully in our society and global community; and skills to become leaders in future endeavors, the Paly community with information on travel issues from student perspectives, a forum for students to submit and publish their experiences related to travel and an independent journalistic magazine that models integrity and creativity seeking to educate its readers on local and international cultures and the larger scholastic journalism community with a role model incubator publication that embodies the best of scholastic journalism and for future student-created magazines.


We welcome community feedback — please contact us with questions, comments or story suggestions at [email protected]